Solid Fertilizer Spreader Trailer 10 M3

  1. Solid Fertilizer Spreader Trailer 10 M3 in Turkey

Thanks to its vertical spiral system; The fertilizer is distributed more homogeneously to a larger area. This prevents soil compaction by allowing less soil to be trampled, and also saves time and fuel. Wet fertilizers can be thrown in three of the middle wet (moist) and solid fertilizers. This saves labor and provides suitable fertilizer disposal according to the plant to be grown. Solid Fertilizer Dissipation The trailer can be used with the lower dispensing tray to disengage the spirals according to the area and fertilizer specifications of the manure. They can select a double screw system if desired. Thanks to the Distribution System; The dispensing system is operated by the tractor spindle and the drive system works by the hydraulic system. In this way, the tractor is less forced and fuel-saving. Thanks to Back Cover System; The back cover can be adjusted with high precision according to the fertilizer properties to be dispensed with the hydraulically adjustable back cover system and the amount of fertilizer to be dispensed and this process is quick and easy. The duplex wheel system that we use is expanding to the ground, reducing soil compaction and increasing the efficiency. Feature | Machine Z10 Width 2600 mm Length 6800 mm Height 2500 mm Body Volume 10 m ³ Empty Weight Distribution System Disc (Wing) Number of Dispenser Discs 2 Piece Disc Diameter 800 mm Drain Cover Type Double Acting Hydraulic Fertilizer Gripper Type Caliber Ring Steel Chain Fertilizer Propulsion Hydromotor and Gearbox Required Power 70 bg Work Width 17-18 Meter Number of Motion Input Shafts Single Axle System Tandem (Crib 4 Wheels) Wheel Sizes 400 / 60 /15.5 Motion Source Tractor PTO

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Solid Fertilizer Spreader Trailer 10 M3 in Turkey

Solid Fertilizer Spreader Trailer 10 M3

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