Soplo (fruit Magnifier)

  1. Soplo (fruit Magnifier) in Turkey

Plants used in all types of feed required high amounts of organic acids, which triggers the growth of specific fruits, obtained by SW technology specific organic molecules. Because it is produced from natural raw materials, it is a product that can be easily used also for those who want to do organic farming. Plant needs, although it is, not received, crop yields and iron is very important functions on fruit quality, zinc, manganese, copper, molybdenum, calcium, minerals such as magnesium, enables the soil easily. Increases leaf and root development, ensures that healthy. yield and quality of fruit color, aroma and strength increases. SOPLO, contains a higher proportion of plants are particularly needed by all of the organic molecule in fruit specific developmental periods. Drip irrigation, sprinklers and watering with Salma and kullan─▒labilir.toprak from yaprk diagnosis when applied to the soil structure designs, develops, increases the population of beneficial microorganisms living in the soil.

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Soplo (fruit Magnifier) in Turkey

Soplo (fruit Magnifier)

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