Spiral Spring Cultivator

  1. Spiral Spring Cultivator in Turkey

TÜMOSAN Spiral Spring Cultivator plots the soil without tipping. The double helix square sectioned spring feet serve to prepare a fast and desired seed bed as it vibrates in the soil. Since the roof is high and the gap between the feet is large, there is no blockage in stubble processing. In the stubble cultivation or in the spring puffing of the soil, narrow-iron or crowbar-shaped end bars can be used successfully in heavy and grained soil conditions. The working depth of the cultivators produced in two or three rows on demand varies between 25-40 cm. It is possible to fully process each region of vineyards, citrus orchards and olive groves with three-row slider two-row and narrow cultivators. Roller and retaining wheels are available as an option. TÜMOSAN Spiral Spring Cultivator fluffs and mixes the soil at the depth of plowing without tipping. It mixes stubble and plant residues and fertilizer in the soil in the most appropriate way. In addition, they provide a good protective cover against water and wind erosion, as they are partly on the soil surface. Spiral legs with square cross-section are made of heat-treated steel. It has the feature of vibration thanks to the special shape given.

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Spiral Spring Cultivator in Turkey

Spiral Spring Cultivator

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