Toscano Super Spring Milling

  1. Toscano Super Spring Milling in Turkey

TOSCANO SUPER SPRING MILLING Upright Milling is a soil-moving machine with a strong, strong structure moving from the tractor tail shaft. It is produced in working widths to meet the needs of every farmer. It processes the soil vertically up to a depth of 30 Cm. Because the soil does not overturn the moisture of the soil. Prepares ideal seedbed and increases product yield. Sludge Scraper and Roller unit can be used in heavy field conditions. Easily Removable QUICK FIT Anchors are used.

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  • Authorized Person: Serkan KARAKAYA
  • Product Code: SpringMilling-001

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Toscano Super Spring Milling in Turkey

Toscano Super Spring Milling

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