Static Auto Sheep Feeder

  1. Static Auto Sheep Feeder in Australia
  2. Static Auto Sheep Feeder in Australia

240v (single or three phase available) Solar Power available Solid construction for Australian conditions Available in 3mt trough sections so you can extend your feed system. All materials are galvanised Wire retainers to run wires both above and below trough if setting up pens PVC height is fully adjustable to increase or decreaase the feed amount in the trough 24 hour timer to stop / start on Auto or Manual Easy to install or installation can be arranged Fit to silo or field bin Solar units have Bluetooth connectivity for solar & battery status APP COMING SOON - to be able to log in and check run times, kg in the trough, statusof unit and heap more features

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Static Auto Sheep Feeder in Australia

Static Auto Sheep Feeder

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