Stationary Rotovater

  1. Stationary Rotovater in Turkey
  2. Stationary Rotovater in Turkey

Türkay Stationary Rotovatör is a secondary soil tillage machine especially used in field, vineyards and gardens, seed bed preparation and stubble removal. It is an environment-friendly, versatile and long-lasting machine that mixes plant residues and organic fertilizer into the soil, helps to increase humus in the soil and mechanically destroys weeds and does not require chemical weed control. The transfer of the movement from the spindle to the blades by the gear system saves power and fuel compared to the chain system. The milling blades contact the earth surface in a perpendicular direction to cut, crush and crush the soil. Provides water-air balance by creating a loose environment in the soil. The protective cover made of sheet metal on the back ensures that splashed soil is re-crushed and prevents damage to the environment. The shaft used to connect the machine to the tractor has a safety device and prevents damage to the tractor or the machine in case of stone or root jam. Thanks to the variable speed transmission option, the speed of the blades can be used at different speeds thanks to the interchangeable gears in the transmission, which is taken from the tractor tail shaft by 540 rpm. This ensures efficient shredding and mixing. Transmission position; Download the middle. (Optional for the ease of use in vineyards and gardens; half-wacky and misleading transmission option is available.)

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  • Authorized Person: Bilgin Türkay
  • Product Code: StationaryRotovater-001

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Stationary Rotovater in Turkey

Stationary Rotovater

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