Stem Collection And Straw Making Machine

  1. Stem Collection And Straw Making Machine in Turkey
  2. Stem Collection And Straw Making Machine in Turkey

LENGTH3.36 M WIDTH2.87 M HEIGHT2.40 M WEIGHT1735 Kg BASIC SIZES OF RUBBER WHEEL10,0/75-15,3 MIN POWER REQUIRMENT65 Hp PTO SPEED540 Rpm WORK CAPACİTY1000 BATOR WIDTH120 Cm SPEED RATE2.5 Km BATOR SPEED(1/MIN)1863 WORK CAPACİTY1000 WORKING WIDTH165 Cm AUTOMATIC STEM COLLECTION AND STRAW MAKING MACHINE:The task of the machine is gathering automaticly the straws of the wheat,barley,oath,rye,soyabens,corn,clowers etc. which are left in the fields as rows or aggregation and make them fodder automatically and fill up the special straw trailor which is hooked to the back thanks to aspirator. SUPERIOR WORKING WIDTH:190 cm collectıng width increased the gathering performance at the same time, the fodder which is left in the fields are minimized thanks to the side rake. EXCALTED BLENDING CAPABILITY:Stem chopping capability is increased with the 6 rows drum system which has 66 pieces fingers on it and 137 cm heigh concave sieve.Further, the drum fingers are produced in bolted fixing in order to provide double sides usage. STRONG ASPIRATOR SYSTEM:60 cm diameter of the aspirator fan with perfect vacuum and pressing volume is especially designed to prevent all issues while converting the green fodder plants as clover ,vetch, sainfoin

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Stem Collection And Straw Making Machine in Turkey

Stem Collection And Straw Making Machine

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