MF Subsoiler

  1. MF Subsoiler in Turkey
  2. MF Subsoiler in Turkey
  3. MF Subsoiler in Turkey
  4. MF Subsoiler in Turkey

Easy to use and maintain Massey Ferguson offers farmers a good quality range of hard-wearing 2-5 tine subsoilers. The perfect fit with MF tractors from 25 to 140hp, each MF subsoiler is equipped with quick and easy attachments for hassle-free hitching. Made from a high tensile steel frame, with 30mm thickness high quality steel tines, front protection wear plates and replaceable shares in treated steel, MF subsoilers offer good wearing resistance, a perfect deep breaking of the soil pan and good finishing for seeding.

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  • Authorized Person: Massey Ferguson
  • Product Code: Subsoiler-001

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MF Subsoiler in Turkey

MF Subsoiler

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