Fimaks FST 8000 Slurry Tanker

  1. Fimaks FST 8000 Slurry Tanker in Turkey
  2. Fimaks FST 8000 Slurry Tanker in Turkey
  3. Fimaks FST 8000 Slurry Tanker in Turkey

Fimaks FST 8000 slurry tankers are designed to suck slurry from the lagoons and homogeneously spread on fields. Special low height design, floatation tyres and strong chassis are some of the features of Fimaks slurry tankers. These features allow users to operate on all kind of terrain, store the machine inside low height buildings and maintain the machine easily. Fimaks slurry tankers have strong Italian pumps that allow users to operate faster and spread on a wider area. There are indicators to follow pressure and slurry level, over pressure and low pressure valves and overfilling protection on the machine. With these indicators and safety systems, operators are able to work with full control without damaging the machine. FST 8000 slurry tankers have 8.000 lt capacity with hydraulic suctions system. Operators are able to complete suction-spread process very easily. As an economical option for hydraulic suction system, Fimaks offers manual suction system. With the manual suction system operators connect the hose to side valve manually. Optional features for Fimaks FST 8000 slurry tanker – Manual suction system – Galvanized body – Hydraulic break – Traffic lights – Spreading gun – Spreading wings – Underground injectors

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Fimaks FST 8000 Slurry Tanker in Turkey

Fimaks FST 8000 Slurry Tanker

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