Takeuchi Tl8 Mini Loader

  1. Takeuchi Tl8 Mini Loader in Turkey

Operator Comfort The largest and most comfortable operator station in its class provides working comfort and maximizes productivity. The six-way adjustable suspension seat with a retractable seat belt is the best quality seat in its class. It makes the operator comfortable to work for hours. The roller-headed windshield makes it easier to enter and exit the cabin. (TL230 / TL240 / TL250) Mp3 plug-in radio is standard. Security International ROPS and FOPS certified cabins and canopies ensure complete operator safety. Ease of Service The lift-up cabin, the side-by-side radiator and hydraulic oil cooler that facilitates the intervention and maintenance, and the rear lifting hooks placed on the body of the machine make TAKEUCHI the easiest to service machine among its similar ones. Ease of Operation Crawler undercarriage provides comfortable movement and digging peerformance in difficult conditions such as muddy and loose surfaces. Proportional Attachment Hydraulic Control controlled by a trigger is one of its most outstanding features. Environmental Awareness It can meet the most stringent international emission standards with the latest engine emission values.

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Takeuchi Tl8 Mini Loader in Turkey

Takeuchi Tl8 Mini Loader

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