TC 5800 F Major - Standard Steering Tractor

  1. TC 5800 F Major - Standard Steering Tractor in Turkey
  2. TC 5800 F Major - Standard Steering Tractor in Turkey

TC F Major - Standard steering tractor MEDITERRANEAN ESSENTIALS Inspired by Mediterranean agriculture, TC F MAJOR is a tractor for specialized crop cultivation activities in mountains and hills. It provides complete grip, maneuverability and compactness in vertical and rough terrain. It is a versatile compact tractor with unique front / rear wheels that offer the maneuverability of a wheeled tractor.   TC F MAJOR aims to provide the user with maximum comfort and the grips placed on the rear fenders for use on sloping surfaces help the user to access the driver's large and comfortable driver's seat from any height and weight.   TC F MAJOR offers various types of hydraulic systems for every need, and these systems are undoubtedly the most cost-effective for modern agricultural companies. Available in two different engine options: - TC 5800 F - 4 cylinder Yanmar 2188 cc 50 hp;   The T Major series consists of several standard steering or articulated models with rear wheels of the same size or larger. Thanks to ACTIO ™, the excellent distribution of weight to all four wheels ensures road holding, stability and maximum safety. The difference between this series and other basic AC series is the use of an independent power take-off or a "double clutch" in the agricultural field, which gives the tractor great efficiency in the use of equipment. In addition, the 12-speed forward and 12-speed inverters are synchronized with the towing position and controlled lifting system in the combined setting. It is designed for medium sized flat, sloping and very sloping orchards, animal farms, vineyards, chicken coops, landscape nurseries. Rotovator, the main agricultural machinery used in the plant, is a perfect fit for the use of plow, harrow, fan sprayers, shredder and garden trailers. The Tigrone 5800's robust body is characterized by high durability and simplicity. Thanks to its powerful transmission shaft, it provides a pleasant performance in all enterprises and equipment. Our model has been produced with dozens of unmistakeable technological architecture specific to the brand Antonio Carraro.

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  • Authorized Person: Serdar Dikbas
  • Product Code: TC5800FMajor

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TC 5800 F Major - Standard Steering Tractor in Turkey

TC 5800 F Major - Standard Steering Tractor

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