TGF 9900 Tractor

  1. TGF 9900 Tractor in Turkey
  2. TGF 9900 Tractor in Turkey
  3. TGF 9900 Tractor in Turkey
  4. TGF 9900 Tractor in Turkey
  5. TGF 9900 Tractor in Turkey

Designed for medium and large scale (100-150 decares) flat, sloping and very sloping orchards, vineyards, vegetable plantations and forest enterprises. Rotovator (200 -260 cm), which is the basic agricultural machinery used in the plant, provides excellent adaptation to the use of disc harrow (24 -32 disc), plow, rake, leveling knife, large fan sprayers, handle shredders, loaders and medium and large scale trailers.

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  • Authorized Person: Serdar Dikbas
  • Product Code: TGF9900

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TGF 9900 Tractor in Turkey

TGF 9900 Tractor

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