Thresher Mobile

  1. Thresher Mobile in Turkey
  2. Thresher Mobile in Turkey
  3. Thresher Mobile in Turkey
  4. Thresher Mobile in Turkey

* As understood from it's name, it threshes while it is moving. * It takes its power from the tractors pto by its own shaft. * It can be adjucted to the desired level to eliminate the earths opposite level and the small hill level by the hydrolics of the tractor during moving (operation) too. * More than 20% of the grain loss of the conventional (stationary) thresher is saved since the machine thresher directly from the harvested field. * Our achine is used for crops such as; wheat, barley, oat, lentil, all kinds of bean family and sorghum. * The clean and pure grain is loaded to its own depot by an auger and can be unloaded into a trailer or bags by a second auger. * During the threshing, the obtained soft, short and animal feedable hay is loaded to a covered trailer which is towed (connected) to the machine. * More than half of the man power of the conventional thresher (stationary thresher) is reduced.

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Thresher Mobile in Turkey

Thresher Mobile

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