Tigre 4000 - Wheeled tractor

  1. Tigre 4000 - Wheeled tractor in Turkey
  2. Tigre 4000 - Wheeled tractor in Turkey
  3. Tigre 4000 - Wheeled tractor in Turkey
  4. Tigre 4000 - Wheeled tractor in Turkey
  5. Tigre 4000 - Wheeled tractor in Turkey

4000 - Wheeled tractor SMALL GIANT The small size is just their size. The Tigre 4000 is an Antonio Carraro tractor that combines compactness and technology perfectly. It is a helper designed for small agricultural areas, gardens, greenhouses and also parks, sports fields and municipalities. The 4-wheel drive system and the ACTIO ™ frame contribute to comfort and safety; traction and handling are always fixed. Tigre has a synchronized power take-off. The lifting system offers adjustable upright suspension arms and a lifting capacity of up to 850 Kg, allowing 3-point suspension to easily connect all kinds of equipment.   The Tigre "family" is developed to balance the quality and structural standards of AC high-class tractors on a relatively small scale. Tigre 4000 are compact tractors designed for semi-professional needs of farmers, greenhouse operators, nurseries, land maintenance operators and hobbyists. Rotovator, the main agricultural machinery used in the plant, provides a perfect fit for the use of plows, rakes, small fan sprayers, lawn mowers and small and medium-sized trailers. The Tigre 4000 eye-catching design stands out for its astonishing speed, smooth and safe driving pleasure with its performance stability and unmatched fuel economy.

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  • Authorized Person: Serdar Dikbas
  • Product Code: Tigre4000

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Tigre 4000 - Wheeled tractor in Turkey

Tigre 4000 - Wheeled tractor

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