Single Stage Centrifugal Pump

  1. Single Stage Centrifugal Pump in Turkey

Design and Technical Specifications • TKF series pumps has designed for pumping non-abrasive and small particulars liquids. • TKF series pump has just one impeller,pump and motor is connecting by coupling.It gives yours avantages for easy disassembling. • Pump diamensions are acceptable TS EN 733 standard. • Input and Output Flange Diamesions are acceptable ISO 7005-2/PN 16. • TKF-I series is off the wheel and wheel balancing holes in the wings to minimize ta axial loads, dynamic loads are balanced within. • Sealing is provided by gland packing.Sealing is provided by also mechanical seal as customer request. • Easy dissasamble to pump and change impeller,bearings and seals. Usage places • Apartment HVAC systems • Fire Fighting Systems • Washing Systems • Irrigational Watering Systems • Drenage Systems • Hvac System • Energy Production Area • Industrial Area Technical information • Capacity : up to 1700 m³/h • Head : 100 m • Speed : up to 2900 rpm - (60Hz)* • Operating Temperature : -10 °C’ to +140 °C • Casing Pressure (Pmax) : 10 bar (16 bar) *

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  • Authorized Person: Muzaffer Ferahkaya
  • Product Code: TKF Series

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Single Stage Centrifugal Pump in Turkey

Single Stage Centrifugal Pump

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