Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

  1. Self Priming Centrifugal Pump in Turkey

Design and Technical Specifications • Stable performance, reliable operation. • Rapid self-priming, high suction head • Back-pull-out construction: Convenient for maintenance and troubleshooting. Daily maintenance can be performed rapidly by common tools, saving time and labor. • Semi-open impeller structure and non-clogging design: Strong passing capacity. • Convenient usage: The pump can be mounted near cesspit, with only the suction pipe down in the liquid . • The specially designed flap makes it possible to clean or to remove and install the flap without touching the suction system. • The suction cover can be removed from the front, making it easy to reach the impeller. Usage places • Non-flammable and non-explosive liquid • Rain water and common sewage • Construction site drainage station of people’s air defense system • Industrial sewage of light industry, paper mill, textile, food processing plant, chemical industry • Sewage discharge in the residential area • Sewage and deposit of water purifying system • Tanning industry, fish breeding in the river and pond • Wine and sugar industry • Discharge of not strongly corrosive but seriously polluted sewage Technical information • Liquid temperature: 0°C ~40°C, medium density ≤1.2x103 kg/m³, pH 5~9 • Diameter of maximum grain: TKF-KE-6/TKF-KE-8/TKF-KE-10 76mm • Ambient temperature: ≤40°C • Altitude: max. 1000m • Flow range: 10m³/h~750m³/h • Head range: 3m~48m • Power: 1.1kW~90kW • Max. Working pressure: See performance curve • Max. Suction head: See performance table

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  • Authorized Person: Muzaffer Ferahkaya
  • Product Code: TKF - KE Series

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Self Priming Centrifugal Pump in Turkey

Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

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