Trailed Type Maximum

  1. Trailed Type Maximum in Turkey
  2. Trailed Type Maximum in Turkey
  3. Trailed Type Maximum in Turkey
  4. Trailed Type Maximum in Turkey

CURRENT TECHNICAL FEATURESTANK CAPACITY :3000 LT.TANK MATERIAL:PolyethyleneCHASIS:Profile and Sheet MetalPUMP:BHA 200PUMP VOLUME:200 LT./ MIN.PUMP PRESSURE:50 Bar.CONTROL UNIT:ARAG Bravo 180 with Dose ControlFILTER GROUP:Tank Inlet, Pump Suction, Control Unit Outlet 30-50-80 MeshAGITATOR:2 Direct From PumpBOOM LENGTH:24 M.BOOM FOLDING:Hydraulic ( Left-Right Folding, Levelling,Height ) ARM HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT::PistonNOZZLE TYPE AND QUANTITY:Optional Row Spacing as 35 CM.- 38CM.- 50 CM. Single T-Jet, Quatro T-Jet or Brass Conical NozzlesWEIGHT:1450 KG WARRANTY:2 YearsMachine is Equipped With Standart 6 m. Length Suction Hose And Pto ShaftSTANDART ACCESSORIES- 30 Lt. Mixer With Spring - Assisted Mobile Support- Foam Marker Kit With Electrovalve- Stainless Steel Boom Pipe- Quatro T-Jet NozzleOPTIONAL ACCESSORIES- Foam Marker Kit With Electrovalve

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  • Authorized Person: Agrotek Tohumculuk
  • Product Code: TrailedType-001

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Trailed Type Maximum in Turkey

Trailed Type Maximum

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