6 Tons Double Axle Trailer

  1. 6 Tons Double Axle Trailer in Turkey
  2. 6 Tons Double Axle Trailer in Turkey
  3. 6 Tons Double Axle Trailer in Turkey

About product Saygınlar Tarım Makineleri Since 1984, the trailer has been breeding. With the factory established in Afyon, 27 employees are at the service of all domestic and foreign farmers. We are one of the largest manufacturers in Turkey. Tractor trailers are our first product in production and we have been manufacturing tractor trailers for many years now, and now we are producing about 12 kinds of agricultural machinery. All parts and materials are used in our trailers. Our trailers are CE and TSE certified. Our agricultural trailers and SAYGINLAR are among the numbered brands. We also produce special order trailers that you want and demand. We are at your service with special order agricultural trailers and work trailers. Our spare parts and agricultural trailers are under the guarantee of our brand. All kinds of material can be transported with our agricultural trailers, wheat, barley, silage and fertilizer. Our trailers are designed for all kinds of challenging terrain conditions. Rolling arrow prevented overturning. With 33 years of experience, we are at your service to make you the best. Quality damper and comfortable suspension will feel the quality. Our quality defying the years in Turkey and all over the world we are able to provide the supplies reaching. Fully domestic material High-quality spare parts 3mm base steel sheet 2mm sides filled steel 3 and 4 stage hydraulic lift Good quality tires Strong chassis Rotating arrow Suitable for all terrain conditions QUALITY IN PRODUCTION, CONFIDENCE OF SALES Technical Specifications of 6 Ton Double Axle Tipper Trailer Attribute Type Amount / Size Case Length cm 470 Case Width cm 220 Case Inner Height cm 60 Wheelbase cm 3150 Maximum Load Weight kg 8140

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  • Authorized Person: Gökmen
  • Product Code: Trailer-004

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6 Tons Double Axle Trailer in Turkey

6 Tons Double Axle Trailer

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