MF Trailer & Transport Box

  1. MF Trailer & Transport Box in Turkey
  2. MF Trailer & Transport Box in Turkey
  3. MF Trailer & Transport Box in Turkey
  4. MF Trailer & Transport Box in Turkey
  5. MF Trailer & Transport Box in Turkey

Robust, heavy-duty frame Massey Ferguson offers a heavy-duty range of agricultural trailers and a transport box. For all your haulage needs, Massey Ferguson’s single and double axle trailers and mounted tipping transport box, are equipped with easy and quick attachments for hassle-free hitching. MF Trailers are made from a high tensile steel construction so are hard-wearing and extremely durable. With a very strong chassis, they are capable of handling 3 to 12 tonnes depending on the model. MF Transport Boxes are based on a robust design with corrugated metal for higher strength. Each model allows easy tipping by a locking lever and a rear door opening from top or bottom.

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MF Trailer & Transport Box in Turkey

MF Trailer & Transport Box

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