Transport Tanker

  1. Transport Tanker in Turkey

Capacity 3000 lt - 25000 lt Model Single walled & isolated Elliptical & round models Construction Completely made of AISI 304 quality S.S. (optional AISI 316 quality) 1 st Wall body and side walls 3 - 5 mm Isolation wall 2 mm 50 mm thickness, isolated with high density CFC free polyurethane Manhole cover on the top, product inlet air vent Product outlet with butterfly valve, male union Tanker is designed as a heart shape to remain no liquid inside after discharge and to reduce wave impact V shaped legs suitable for tank body Auxiliary chassis connected by rubber mounting and connected at one elastic at the front and multiple stationary points at the back, which transmit shocks to main tank body and prevent cracks on the tank body. CIP line which allows washing seperate sections of the tank This tanker is manufactured with German-SCHWARTE JANSKY technology. Welded areas are 1st class Argon TIG welds and 1st class smooth polished. Option Auxiliary Chassis Vehicle chassis and tank body are connected by sandblasted U profile painted in oven Milk Measuring System 24.000 lt/h, 30000 lt/h, 42.000 lt/h capacities AISI 304 quality S.S. closet and hinged&sliding cover High sensitivity air separator Impeller (flexible impeller) Pump and section inlet-outlet collectors Touch control panel and counter Full-automatic sampling system Optional electrical or hydraulic drive operating principle(Both models can be executed at the same time) Data storage system software and print-out function Ability to transfer data to central PC system or transport company Barcode and GPRS system Reel Cabinet Manual drive, reel system with 12 mt reel capacity AISI 304 quality S.S. cabinet Hinged cover Wired food hose

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  • Authorized Person: Basri Çaliskan
  • Product Code: TransportTanker-001

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Transport Tanker in Turkey

Transport Tanker

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