TRG 9900 - Multifunction Bi-Directional Tractor

  1. TRG 9900 - Multifunction Bi-Directional Tractor in Turkey

TRG 9900 - Multifunction bi-directional tractor FLAGSHIP TRG is a bi-directional tractor with unique wheels - the strongest of the Ergit 100 series - and is designed for the heaviest jobs of agricultural companies. Thanks to its narrow turning radius, the TRG model with outstanding maneuverability is the TRG 9900 (89 HP). These precision-tuned motors provide road holding continuity with a protruding motor structure and 4-wheel drive. The ergonomics of the RGS ™ bi-directional traction system and operating elements simplify the user's job. The layout and intended use of the TRG can be differentiated according to need and the vehicle can be used with various riding, plant protection, harvesting, agricultural maintenance, forestry and construction attachments. All these processes are carried out in a stress-free manner. Designed for medium and large scale (100-150 decares) flat, sloping and very sloping orchards, vineyards, vegetable plantations and forest enterprises. Rotovator (200 - 260 cm), the main agricultural machinery used in the business, discos (24 - 28 disc), plow, harrow, leveling knife, fan sprayers, shredder, large-scale forklift loaders and medium and large-scale trailers are used perfectly . Our TRG series is the unrivaled representative of power and speed, logical technology that perfectly meets all the needs of highly-functioning agricultural enterprises that require very large, fully professional and all technical advantages. As with all of our models, quality and solidity in every part of our TRG series are visible to the naked eye.

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  • Authorized Person: Serdar Dikbas
  • Product Code: TRG9900

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TRG 9900 - Multifunction Bi-Directional Tractor in Turkey

TRG 9900 - Multifunction Bi-Directional Tractor

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