Harrow (Single / Double)

  1. Harrow (Single / Double) in Turkey
  2. Harrow (Single / Double) in Turkey
  3. Harrow (Single / Double) in Turkey
  4. Harrow (Single / Double) in Turkey
  5. Harrow (Single / Double) in Turkey

TS100 - TS200 harrows were designed for squeezing the soil which is processed by soil processing machines, smoothing the start soil surface and creating furrows on the soil surface whenever needed. Connection parts of the machine are pinned and direction can easily be adjusted without the need for a wrench. The bottom plate and wedges made of steel are resistant against wearing

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  • Authorized Person: Yunus Ozdemir
  • Product Code: TS200

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Harrow (Single / Double) in Turkey

Harrow (Single / Double)

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