Turbo Sprayer

  1. Turbo Sprayer in Turkey

The ABOLLO TURBO SPRAYER is used in all kinds of 2-row high trees, fruit gardens, vineyards, beets, cotton, tobacco and hob disinfection. There are two different models for connecting the tractor hanger type from the hydraulic lever to the 3 points and the pull type from the tow bar. The pressure required for spraying is provided by membrane pumps. The operation of the pump is achieved by the action taken from the tractor Pto shaft. Drinking tanks are available in two types for use as fiberglass or polyethylene tanks. The turbo fan on the machine provides pressurized air around the propeller that takes its movement from the Pto shaft. The direction of the moving fan of the fan is adjusted and the air flow is controlled. Adjust the angle of shot (spin) and direction of the fans on the fan or adjust the distance of shot and throwing medicine by changing the plaques. By using the dispenser valves on the regulator, medication shot is provided on the right, left or both sides.

Agriculture Companies in Turkey

  • Authorized Person: PERVİN KASIMOĞLU
  • Product Code: TurboSprayer-001

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Turbo Sprayer in Turkey

Turbo Sprayer

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