Under Tank Weighing Systems

  1. Under Tank Weighing Systems in Turkey
  2. Under Tank Weighing Systems in Turkey
  3. Under Tank Weighing Systems in Turkey
  4. Under Tank Weighing Systems in Turkey

It is a weighing scale system that electronically measures the collected milk in liter or kilogram. Just because the weighing is measured by electronically, the system gives very accurate and reliable results. Thanks to this system producers and collectors can do more reliable business without any possible conflicts. It eases tracking of the scales with the reporting options. Raporlar günlük iki tarih arası ve aylık olarak toplam ve bireysel bazda alınabilmektedir. Yeni geliştirdiğimiz elektronik kartlı sistem sayesinde müstahsiller sütlerini kendilerin verilen kartı cihaza okutturarak yapmaktadır. Windows tabanında çalışan Uzay Sütsoft Programı sayesinde kayıtlar ve raporlar SQL veritabanında tutulmaktadır. Under Tank Weighing System Specifications 1-Robust, Heavy duty IP 68 classified load cell 2-OIML certificate 3-Adaptable to every kind and sizes of tanks 4-Easy and accurate weighing 5-High rate accuracy 6-Economic solution 7-Has the same specifications of milk scales General Specifications of Milk Scales 1- Weighing Boiler 2- Kabul Boiler 3- ome Filter 4- Mini Printer 5- Auromatic Tare 6- Viewing Customer Number, Kg, Liter together at the same time 7- Printing Company Info to the receipt 8- Unlimited Producer Registration 9- General Cumulative Total 10- End of day Report 11- In day milking Report 12- Reporting for Date Interval 13- Reporting for Milk Type 14- Receiving Reports from Printer or PC 15- Entering Density Parameter 16- Getting Milk According to the Different Densities 17- External Display 18- On Vehicle Working 19- Smart Card System 20-Display with Accumulator (Optional) 21- Full A304 ome 22- Adjustable ome Leg

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Under Tank Weighing Systems in Turkey

Under Tank Weighing Systems

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