Vitormin Special Nitro

  1. Vitormin Special Nitro in Turkey
  2. Vitormin Special Nitro in Turkey

Vitormin Special Nitro is a special liquid mixture that contains Nitrogen (N), Amino Acid and Ammonium Nitrogen. It is an ideal product for foliar or in-soil application. Vitormin Special Nitro is a Nitrogen source that is absorbed gradually, does not cause burns in leaves and does not crystallize even at low temperatures. It is an ideal mixture for plant growth during hot or cold periods in which plant growth halts, for healthy development during plant growth periods and for relieving the stress caused by pesticides.

Agriculture Companies in Turkey

  • Authorized Person: AYFER AKTAS
  • Product Code: VSNL

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Vitormin Special Nitro in Turkey

Vitormin Special Nitro

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