Antrac 4 LD 640 LY3 Water Pump

  1. Antrac 4 LD 640 LY3 Water Pump in Turkey

Antrac LD series diesel waterpumps have Antor diesel engines which manufactured by Anadolu Motor factory in Turkey. LD series prove oneself in agricultural irrigation with its high quality. Antor 4LD 640 Pump head 75 m 13 HP Antor Engine Max flow 60 tone/hour

Agriculture Companies in Turkey

Contact Information for Anadolu Motor

  • Authorized Person: Anadolu Motor Üretim
  • Product Code: WaterPump-003

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Antrac 4 LD 640 LY3 Water Pump in Turkey

Antrac 4 LD 640 LY3 Water Pump

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