Wire Nurture System

  1. Wire Nurture System in Turkey

The string finishing systems used in dwarf orchards provide a wide range of benefits. These are as follows: The root structure of the rootstocks used in dwarf fruit is more on the surface, so some varieties need support. Trees are fixed to the wires and damage to the trees due to wind and other factors is prevented. Since the saplings used in dwarf fruit tend to bear fruit in a short period of time, the branches of the trees can be prevented from breaking due to the fruit load and the shape of the tree is prevented. The branches need to be opened to the side for the trees to give regular and fruitful fruit. This need is easily met by wire finishing. It is necessary to perform wire finishing in order to be able to apply planting shapes such as super spindle, v model, y model and transversal ipsilon which require frequent planting. With the built-in wire finishing system, the infrastructure for the installation of the fogging system in the garden and the installation of the fogging system are ready. ADA AGRICULTURE is one of the mandatory requirements for modern fruit cultivation. It has an expert and experienced staff about wire finishing

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Wire Nurture System in Turkey

Wire Nurture System

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