Silage Packaging Machine

  1. Silage Packaging Machine in Turkey
  2. Silage Packaging Machine in Turkey
  3. Silage Packaging Machine in Turkey

YEMPAK packaging machine is able to pack dried/raw products with vacummed/non-vacummed. The target weight should be set via machine touch screen. With respect to desired package dimensions, the operator can adjust the height of transfer conveyor and sealing unit. Easy and user friendly touch screen. Double sealing line ensures vacuumed bag life time. Adjustable transfer conveyor height. Each function should be triggered manually with functions on screen to check functionality. PLC based high accuracy weighing system. Optional bag closing functionality such as sewing machine, metal crimp. Automatic feeding conveyor. Premixing and storage bunker. Led lights.

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  • Authorized Person: Acar Arabaci
  • Product Code: YEMPAK VPS50-25

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Silage Packaging Machine in Turkey

Silage Packaging Machine

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