Y.m.i 4320 Bale Machine

  1. Y.m.i 4320 Bale Machine in Turkey

Lenght: 5350 mm (WORKING COND.:6320 mm) Width: 2770 mm Height 1810 mm. Weight: 2170 kg Tire Size Right: 10.0/75-15,3PR Tire Size Left: 10.0/75-15,3PR Daily Capacity: 2500/3000 PCS Bale Size: 30 x 135 cm Bale Weight: 20/35 kg Power Requirements: 70 / 80 HP Piston Stroke: 66 cm Pick-Up InSide Width: 1510 mm Connecting System: 3 Rope Rotary Chopper Size​: 1320 mm Support Whell:There Is General Features: Balers are the machines which pick up reaped barrel hay, alfalfa wheat and which tie straw or stalk by pressing with rope. Of the most widespread and useful of baler is the machine which makes the bales whose shape is rectangular prism. Owing to this way, for the public, tansport storage and using will be much easier. The power requied for operation of the machine, is taken by the help of the tractor with shaft. Double – effective hidraulic piston lifting system in the record part helps to pick up all crops from the field by moving up and down. Picking height can be arranged from the drivers side.

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  • Authorized Person: Harun Çokcan
  • Product Code: Bale-Machine-02

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Y.m.i 4320 Bale Machine in Turkey

Y.m.i 4320 Bale Machine

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