1. Zemher in Turkey

B) ZEMHER SERIES (GEL) 7-21-0 + BGD 12-12-12 + BGD 12-6-18 + BGD 8-4-24 + BGD ZEMHER SERIES; It is a technological product developed by our company for farmers with high yield and quality expectations. ZEMHER SERIES has been formulated in different ratios and contents for the needs of Plant Nutrients, taking into account the entire vegetation development process of the plants. ZEMHER SERIES; With the effect of special chelators of our company, it is taken by plants in a short time and gives effective results. ZEMHER SERIES; Due to the plant growth regulators it contains; It provides strong root development, strong and healthy shoot, ideal flowering and fruit set. ZEMHER SERIES; It provides to reach the ideal targeted yield in adverse climatic and environmental conditions and winter conditions. ZEMHER SERIES; It provides high efficiency and quality increase as a result of the applications. ZEMHER SERIES gives the best results even in alkaline soils due to its low pH (Ph: 3) product. ZEMHER SERIES; It can be applied from both leaves and soil.

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Zemher in Turkey


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